True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.90 "Seeing Red"

caption:I mean look and I had listened to the show while I was on vacation in Tennessee and let me let me tell you when I heard about the store I knew is a really big deal yeah there it is yeah yeah this is this is this is a funny story all the way through I mean first of all this big **** pickle had only like pickles first of all is a gross I'll have like I eat like three people the year and that's because someone left on a burger housing all right but yeah I mean like this is this is a funny story and the fact that someone left on the bus and then it got stolen afterwards by your your your heated porch pirates I I hit the Pittsburgh Pirates but that's that's just me they're in our division I don't know what the porch pirates movies that don't bother me too much now that is glad that did the pickle has been found you know because sometimes people like to play hide the pickle that in this case it's been fun but if the hall better click all rights to remember three or four years and I've done that
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