True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.40: Wheeling & Dealing

caption:easy some some peppers and kosher salt some leader to mean like Mrs which Mrs dash whatever another person Lowry's on that side to give me some the model in there we are not allowed that's just fine okay our market is just five out of it again good point in his career has been marred by injury can't so every time you get started engine again that's not his fault eight well the bulls will host the Grizzlies and the cavs this weekend before travelling to Boston to play this season on Monday during the day he tries to get his first actually back against the the Boston and give us the most I've never played against the team we didn't want to I wish you would have noticed so much for this evening with more clouds national alright ladies general be right back with three up and three down after a word from our sponsor welcome back to the true Chicago sports fans package with the rock and big Z. U. our favorite time of year baseball season is here so let's talk a little Chicago baseball this is three up and three
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