True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.83 :"SuperBowl 56 w/ Danny Abrego"

caption:why do we hate him so much seriously because they beat they beat us up no no no no no it's just a lack of respect is that what it was you know it's a lot because we was a little brother I'm there with a big but it beat the **** out of us every single every single series every single game but then when we matured we had a full team and we came out them right and we took them down guess what they cry like little **** that after the horse before the buzzer even sounded initially cans right now so if you if you can if you can dish it out then you're gonna get it too so you know what you lost as a man check them all **** hell the company I certainly have a great job guys I'll see you guys next year I'm gonna kick your **** next year then you **** walk off the court **** him you know why we don't like Isaiah Thomas was it because he's a little hole yeah I mean like like you know like you said you don't hate you you as a professional actor as a man you take your lumps like a man Sheikh Kansas eight the potential jobs you next I think
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