True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.44: "Out of Gas"

caption:here's a thorn in my backside and I know you know this because it's been all over radio and TV for the past week LaRussa your line there is when he's going back to the lot Lambert's men said he fully didn't understand the extra inning rule that would allow him to avoid using the closer Liam Hendriks but as a base one and is there is there a game against the Reds on Wednesday last Wednesday what what is the best one and zero zero game against the Reds on Wednesday last Wednesday what what what what let me tell you something other US stone cold why can we finally I mean has it yes it's young is the young season we're young in this season right yeah yeah but I mean is it finally time for someone to admit that this geriatric needs to be put out to pasture I don't understand what the hell he is doing sitting on the bench of any major league team his head has to sit on top of their head that he that he wears every day every every time he turns his head I think it's gonna go flying off and then and poke in the eye ball I don't know what he's talking about ever he always looks like he's still hung over from branch of seventy three what is happening right now so yeah this is what bothers me him and his entire coaching staff did not follow the whole how does the whole team yes not no yes I get it I get it we're not a National League team so this is not something that happens all the time but MOB gave everybody a memo saying Hey this is the new rule the Reds manager knew it they should you know what you know what I I did you know the real I
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