True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.74: Mike "Deportes" Rodriguez

caption:I was trying to cause mayhem we used to get a this he offers when we start working together he used to get me in my own room he got his or one of the hotels run Monday how are religious she got for late and got really good he like to buy a cell so he has to use getting the room ready to play yeah well you know what we're going to stick as we got to talk about what's happening yeah and he was he was going to allow for is you know he's getting her you know he I pray it never want to get her up but you always want to give a hundred percent and he was having some problems are they trying to we don't matter really known yeah I don't people see it well I was I was so they will call back from his injury plate heat two doubles or hit a Homer and the next day there is a lot of yeah there's a lot of a lot of things happen in a matter you know and a lot of people will be driving it might be people snow I haven't been on our people don't know well I wouldn't see Sam we close my hand and I know what's going on he used to tell me that you stop me comment see yesterday I came the heart of we go for a bad T. two hits RBIs hallmark and today I'm in the base I used to do a lot of times there was only one time you know and that was one team that he was he
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