True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.71 Bulls Basketball with MIC LOGIK!

caption:but my favorite is the watching people's reactions to that that always what's that's like the equivalent to giving somebody a shot of the lord yeah never have never will all you you have don't want I don't first of all nobody wants nobody wants it I hate it I hate on this is there is a special to this because all these guys the only guys they all drink my lord yeah why am I going to voluntarily punish myself but yeah that's the thing is that it's not one of these you need to experience you do because as you write because you have to because here's the thing you got to have this kind of hectic yeah and that's what it is like so then I also added that my lord how do you say my lan hello I thank you guys he was certainly something Chicago more yeah yeah put it on your side to generate point Hey now all right story number three you know I was fine these obscure story so here we go he investigators tracked down Cleveland bank teller who stopped to earn fifteen thousand into a paper bag and that is fifty two years ago Theodore John Conrad showed up for
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