True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.60: "Thanks Cubs"

caption:a break you at first and then you go on the other side of the infield okay you got TA who yes you know he's very confident but sometimes that can hinder him because he's gonna swing of stuff we shouldn't gonna try to do a move that you know maybe he should instead of just like just like how you buy it yet exactly exactly the same thing yeah and I think we've got going on at third base okay because you want to have to come out of that funk he had he's been on fire lately but he did have hit the streets yeah for a while he's another guy he's got a he's a very striking you got like a twelve game hitting streak right after you came out of exactly what he gets in his own head well yeah I mean and that's the thing is that that's what I mean is you need these veteran leaders because yours about barbecue along with barely played this season you know I mean so you one guy that you don't have to that you have to worry about is is your your boy it looks like grab it as you want yeah like I feel like this guy he just looks like he just jumped out of an airplane every time you see a result but you know he's he's a he's got that quiet confidence he can smash the ball good defensively he's playing love his plane right the first baseman and he's a he's the one guy that I as a young guy I don't think it needs to be a like okay let me look out for this guy he's taken care of get the game all of these young Hispanic players I'm telling you they need someone look out form and then you get you got a break you but haven't ground out there too is going to help out a lot if you know what what's really good about and and I'm taking a flyer here if do you have any because back up and start drinking from because he's not gonna have any pressure because he's not going to play every day these are just coming for for pinging it
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