True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.90 "Seeing Red"

caption:speaking of firing and printers all I'd like to get a shot of my Chicago fire for not losing their pass game against FC Dallas yes Sir I do have enough connection over there the Chicago fire came to a draw zeros there against FC Dallas in their latest game and guess what they're one of three teams in MLS without a loss that's right I have to give a quick settlement I got from my office caught fire after bro you pull the Okey Doke you took the most boring **** to talk about and then made some canals way more boring I don't know the way of the term right away more exciting the placards you turn the boring as backlog into the flooring sparking fires no one is what you're you and he's the one other person that it is like the fires watching that **** I got hobbies what's your biggest cow fire support and he listens to the show three yes so what they want
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