True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.42: "2021 NFL Draft Special"

caption:any G. M. two randomly lock into a great quarterback because no one knew that Tom Brady was gonna be great no one knew that Russell Wilson was going to be great your satellite my point but that's what I'm saying Luckman that's the last quarterback we had that was good no stop because you build no beat that beeps out here with with my Jay Cutler Jr okay J. color was a good damn quarterback he was a very good quarterback does his version has all the passing stats stop crap in I was like but there's some estimates let's break down what picks the the bears have tonight yes the draft okay for the first round they have the number twenty overall pick the second round we got number fifty two third round eighty three brown five one sixty four in round six they have two oh four in two oh eight and also from the C. hawks out through the dolphins that's there to a pick and they'll have to twenty one and two twenty eight thirty four six from picks up a one a two a three and five will the bears make some trades it's entirely possible it's entirely possible we have to kind of look at what the mock drafts are saying okay well we don't
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