True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.84 "Hey Now You're An All-Star!"

caption:and he held back and slap the crap out of you know this reminds me of Charles Barkley's book which is called who's afraid of it a large black man and that's exactly what happened here media is already trying to push and say that this guy jawan Howard you know punch him if you actually watch the video you kind of got into it and it was only until after they were trying to pull the way where he must at the the the Wisconsin coach must have said something else because that's when John Howard's long **** arms came out and slap him upside the head so you know it's not you are correct that the media is definitely putting a different spin on this which is not fair to him and that unfortunately I think what's gonna happen is that he's gonna get suspended I don't know how long it I don't know if the NCAA's gonna suspend them or the eighty from Michigan is going to suspend him but it's really gonna be interesting what this punished punishment is going to be especially with the tournament coming up very soon yeah I I think you probably will get like
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