True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.59: Dog Days of Summer

caption:a lot of help no one expected him to the substrate no one expects to lose that many games in a row with that water restoration and that's where the the final straw on the camel's back like I said they just went through another ten game eleven game twelve game losing streak look what they did the same **** when they had all the guys that you're calling about yeah but that's because with all the new guys were coming up from double a single a triple a like it doesn't matter like you don't care about that you're looking at developing now correct you are absolutely correct and that you are absolutely correct and that you are absolutely correct and that you are absolutely correct and that and that will be the last time ever since the show so cutting that are keeping that we're talking what's going on and so forth the white Sox the ones as of not doing so well right now they're four and six including today's game three Sunday in the last ten games as of just it's it's this is making your head spin Baird Sir so why believe in la Russa and I listened a lot this year but that is she loses on a great job this season with not having a full team of not having a team at full strength all year I don't think there's starting line up like as I tended as I say not play one game one the whole game not at all so my question is are the dog days of summer catch over the white Sox as it did in two thousand five what is the rules of being the mastermind by resting certain players you're in there with a ten game
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