True Chicago Sports Fans Podcast

Ep.80 "Finding a Clue"

caption:you see because I know how much you like glitter Clearwater woman arrested after throwing glitter and a man while breaking into his apartment police say Clearwater police it said the incident happened just before three AM Monday when a twenty nine year old several friends the twenty seven year old Caitlin Donovan circle but the clerk at the victim's Clearwater apartments according to the rest of the day with the woman began arguing with the man as he stood in the fenced patio located on the ground level of the apartment building that's when police said they think they are they threw a container of glitter at the victim hit over the head and upper torso friends then allegedly jumped over the papules present it to the victim's apartment where investigators said that she threw more containers of glitter out of she was like herding glitter like issues of Marvel super hero this is the glitter meanwhile the update is that the Donovan how walked around
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